Ghost Tee

Unfortunately, all Ghost Tees exist in digital form only.  Currently, I have no plans to print any of these, but feel free to grab ideas and go and get them printed if you want to wear them.

I am, however, open to submissions, so if you would like to see a design of yours up, submit a picture no less than 1000x800 (h x w) pixels on my submissions page.

About Submissions 

Submissions are not only a great way to get involved in the Ghost Tee blog but are also a means to promote your own blog.  I will link all submission posts back to the submitter’s blog, and will give them credit for their concept/artwork in the caption.  While I endeavour to post all submissions, sometimes they simply don’t work out (this could be due to colour, composition or resolution issues).  I also get quite a lot of submissions, so it might take a while (a couple of weeks or so) for your submission to show up.  You can submit here as many times as you like!

And just in case you want to know about me…


I am a 21-year-old student studying Media and Philosophy at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.  My interests are art, design, fashion, writing and music.